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Thank you and congratulation for your new piercing. Here are some aftercare instructions to help you with the healing process. Feel free to contact us if you have any question or concern regarding your piercing. We are here to help.

Week 1 - Inflammatory. Swelling, redness and clear fluid are normal. 
Week 2-4 - Healing. Yellow crusties form, do not pick. Begin to warm soak. 
Week 5 - Maturation. The redness should be mostly gone. Still, clean the piercing.
Week 6 - Downsizing. Come in because we may need to change the jewelry.

Use alcohol-free mouth rinse 2x a day (maximum!!). Oral-B is preferred.
Follow FACIAL aftercare for lip piercings.
Ice and cold drinks during healing.
Swelling is normal for 2 weeks.
Eat soft foods during initial healing.
Rinse with cold water after every meal.
Do NOT play with jewelry at all.
Downsize jewelry in 4-6 weeks.
Healing can take up to 3 months.

Soak 2x a day with a warm saline solution (contact lens cleaner is the same thing).
1/2 fill and flip a shot-glass for navel/nipple, Elsewhere soak with make-up remover pads.
Alternatively, you can also spray 4x daily with H2Ocean saline spray.
Be sure to rinse off excess saline in the shower.
Do not turn/twist jewelry and DON'T pick at the crusties.

Follow TORSO aftercare.
Bleeding is normal for a week.
No unprotected sex during healing! 
Sex can resume when comfortable (4-6w)
Shower before/after sex during healing.
Jewelry downsizes after 6 weeks.
Piercing can take up to 6 months to comfortably heal and settle in.

Ice for first 24-48hrs.
Lasonil anti-bruising cream on red areas. 2x a day for 3 days works well.
Don't pick crusties or blood.
Let dry out, don't cover.
Be very careful not to catch!
Anchor's heal in 2-3 weeks.
Don't change the head yourself.

Follow TORSO aftercare.
Many surface piercings can take up to 6-8 months to fully heal.
Be careful not to bump or catch.

Gold and sterling silver are not good for the first 6 months.
Sleeping on or bumping your piercing will slow healing and cause lumps.
Hot chamomile tea bag compress soaks reduce bumps and increases blood flow.
Oral piercings that are constantly played with will rip and cause white bumpy scar tissue. Saline rinses, Aspro Clear, and honey can help to reduce bumps.
Using alcohol wipes, Dettol, betadine, Listerine or any harsh products will harm your piercing. Don't use em!

Hope these instructions help your healing process run smooth and issue free. Most importantly, if you need to touch your piercing, please, WASH YOUR HANDS first. Touching your piercing without washing your hands is the main cause of infections in piercings.

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